Membership Support

all memberships last for ONE YEAR for all GENERAL admission events Thank you for your support!

SENIORS (64 years and older) $60 ($30 tax-deductible)
•               free GENERAL admission for GENERAL admission events (Individual membership)
•               free cookie for each event

STUDENT $100 ($50 tax-deductible)
•               free general admission for general admission events (Individual membership)
•               free cookie for each event
SEED FAITH $200 ($100 tax-deductible)
•               All Student benefits, PLUS:
•               You get to bring ONE GUEST for FREE (YOU plus ONE GUEST membership)

CONGREGATION $350 ($175 tax-deductible)
•               All Seed Faith benefits, PLUS:
•               FAMILY PACKAGE - free general admission for 2 adults and CHILDREN 18 and UNDER, living with you
•               free general admission to all family programs
MISSIONARY $500 ($300 tax-deductible)
•               All Congregation benefits, PLUS:
•               One free weeknight Rental of 14 Pews!  (valued at $500, which is a 3 hour rental of the church/theater)
•               INCLUDES all FAMILY MEMBERS of all ages to get in for FREE to specific general admission events!
APOSTLE $1,000 ($750 tax-deductible)
•              All Missionary benefits, PLUS:
•              Theater tour and dinner with Executive Director
•              2 complimentary tickets to the 14 Pews Gala

SAINT $2,000 ($1,500 tax-deductible)
•              All Apostle benefits, PLUS:
•              Pew plaque
•              "14 Pews" Coffee Table Book
ANGEL $5,000 ($4,450 tax-deductible)
•               All Saint benefits, PLUS:
•               Free VIP pass to all our Film Festivals
•               2 extra tickets to our any of our fundraisers and parties