Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser presents
an evening of music, film and free beer!

Join us as Henry Kaiser presents  a program of underwater video from 10 seasons of diving under the Ross Sea ice around McMurdo Station Antarctica
He will self accompany his presentation with live acoustic & electric guitar and also be joined by Texas improvisors: Damon Smith, Sandy Ewen, David Dove and others.

Henry Kaiser is a scientific diver in the US ANTARCTIC PROGRAM. 2012 marked his tenth deployment beneath the twenty foot thick ice of the Ross Sea. Previously he taught underwater research at THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY for 17 years; where he was a an early pioneer in the use of underwater video for scientific research and diver training. Mr. Kaiser has more Antarctic under-the-ice footage in films and tv shows than any other underwater cameraman.  With ten scientific diving deployments to Antarctica, he probably has more dives under fast ice than any other professional videographer. He was worked on 4 different feature films with Werner Herzog, including ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD and GRIZZLY MAN He is also well known as an experimental guitar and improvisor who had appeared on more than 250 albums, since the late 70's.

Set zero:
HK solo + talking with short film
Set one:
Henry Kaiser - guitar
David Dove - trombone
Damon Smith double bass

Set two Video with live sound:
Ryan Edwards - viola
Henry Kaiser, Sandy Ewen - guitars
David Dove-  trombone
Damon Smith - double bass
Rebecca Novak - glass percussion