Join us with filmmaker Benjamin Epstein and star Sonny Carl Davis as they bring their award winning feature "BUCK ALAMO" to Houston for one night only before its release. Saint Arnolds is our sponsor and we will be giving out FREE beer for this screening!

The movie stars Sonny Carl Davis as Buck Alamo in his first lead role since Eagle Pennell's Houston based Texassential classic "Last Night at the Alamo" which helped launch the Texas film industry and inspired Robert Redford to start Sundance. It also includes a terrific ensemble featuring Lorelei Linklater (“Boyhood” "Bomb City"), Lee Eddy (“Apollo 10 1/2” “Mo”), and Bruce Dern as Death (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” “Nebraska”).
Buck is a dying, pain-killer-addicted relic from Austin, Texas’ “Cosmic Cowboy” music scene... and he is on his literal last leg. Told through his colorfully fragmented and musical point of view, his swan song unfolds as a visual ballad, capturing the humor and melancholy of a bad man's final days. With his faithful dog Chester at his side, he gets one last goodbye to the friends and family who all wish they could have forgotten him already.
Extended Q&A with Ben and Sonny immediately after.
Starring Sonny Carl Davis, Lorelei Linklater, Lee Eddy, Kriston Woodreaux, Chase Joliet, George Ensle, James Epstein, C.K. McFarland, and Bruce Dern as Death.