Wall of Sound Productions is pleased to present an evening of sonic exploration with local musicians Phil Spectral, Justin Jones/Gabriel Martinez and Fawn Response. The three improvisational ensembles will create a myriad of overtones and soundscapes traversing the depths of the subsonic and sublime alike. 

Phil Spectral is an evolving experimental sonic project formed in 2022. Drawing inspiration from influences such as Autechre and Phew, the band improvises between swells and currents rife with found sounds and syncopation. Tonight’s lineup consists of Garland Fielder on electric bass, synth and sequencer, Masumi Kataoka on synthesizer, Jim Roeber on synthesizer and clarinet and Osip Vayner on synthesizer. Phil Spectral’s latest album, nephesh chayyāh, can be found on streaming platforms now.

Jones/Martinez are sonic improvisers experimenting with materiality, embodiment, and site. They negotiate the personal and historical, on stage, in pursuit of a new music rooted in deep listening. Using an array of sound making practices they ask what it means to prepare the body of the production of indeterminate sound making.

Fawn Response: Mani from Vivaldi’s Green Jacket and REachel from Enemy Goddess collaborate in this sweeping, brutal, and cathartic duo which explores social anxiety and trauma.