As a child, Rob Saucedo once drank water out of a dog’s footprint because he read it was a way one might become a werewolf. It didn’t work, but Rob didn’t get sick so let’s chalk that experience up as a win. Rob is a film buyer and programmer and has contributed writing to Fangoria, Birth. Movies. Death. and The Bryan/College Station Eagle. This is his first comic book. He lives in Houston, Texas with his cat, Fletch.
Something scary stalks the streets of Texas, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake. The only person standing in its way is Larry Chaney, a slacker reporter who can't hold a job, can't keep a girlfriend and doesn't even know the capital of Australia. Woof! Larry must go undercover at a local furry convention (It's a long story, trust us) if he has any hope of stopping the beast dead set on turning the Lone Star State into an all-you-can-eat buffet. 
Join local film programmer and author Rob Saucedo for a workshop on writing and producing your own comic book. Rob, joined by guests, will walk attendees through the lessons he learned while producing WHERE WOLF, a Texas-set graphic novel about a reporter on the trail of a werewolf. From finding an artist, letterer and other creative partners to actually making the book and then marketing it. You'll learn from Rob's mistakes and, hopefully, discover a path to making your own dang comic book.