Soliloquy was made possible by Houston Arts Alliance's Let Creativity Happen Grant

 In observance of National Sexual and Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, Soliloquy is a performance art installation that will translate personal narrative to examine the complexities of the mental health as it relates to the black community. Four artists, through the mediums of visual art, song, dance, and spoken word will detail their experiences with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression to engage the audience in a more raw, transparent and candid conversation about mental health. 

Soliloquy was made possible by Houston Arts Alliance’s Let Creativity Happen Grant and is an extension of the Uwazi Zamani’s three part work “Soliloquy” presented at The Austin Dance Festival. 

Uwazi Zamani is a performance artist and native Houstonian. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Stātemēnts Dance Company, a company invested in creating socially and politically conscious art through the exploration of history and human condition.
His talent and passion for slam poetry, dance, theatre and visual art manifested itself at the early age of seven.
He uses these mediums to explore and unravel the complexities of being a Black same gender loving man; exploring topics of race, religion, sexuality, and politics. It is through this exploration that he is able to deliver artfully unapologetic experiences through movement and spoken word. He firmly believes in creating a pallet of work vested in truth, healing, and transparency. 
Throughout his career he has received opportunities to work and perform closely notable dance companies such as Luna Negra Dance Theatre, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Rennie Harris’ Pure Movement,  Lehrer Dance, Agua Dulce Dance Theatre and Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre. He trained and worked closely with otable choreographers; John Lehrer, Jennifer Archibald, Bridgette Moore, Harrison Guy, Matthew Rushing of Alvin Ailey,  TOKYO, and Sonya Tayeh. 
He was featured on FOXs So You Think You Can Dance as a semi-finalist in seasons 10 and 11 of the shows premieres. He is currently one of Dance Source Houston's 2018-2019 Artist in Residency and a graduate of Houston Community College who will be attending Alabama State University in pursuit of his Bachelor's in Dance Performance with a minor in African American Studies.
He believes that dance should not only showcase physical prowess but it should also nurture and cultivate one's identity and development of self. 
Uwazi means "transparent" in Swahili