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Taking Tiger Mountain, starring Bill Paxton

James Grauerholz, William S. Burroughs, Tom Huckabee

Martini Ranch: Reach - Kathryn Bigelow

Tom Huckabee Talks Bill Paxton at the premiere of Taking Tire Mountain at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco

Director, Tom Huckabee

Wednesday Apr 10
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Two Houston Premieres for the Price of One!
Tom Huckabee will introduce both films and hold a Q&A afterward

Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited  (76 minutes);  wide screen, b&w
Directed by Tom Huckabee and Kent Smith, co-written by William S. Burroughs & starring Bill Paxton
Unrated: Mature Adults Only
Originally released in 1983 and significantly upgraded in 2018, Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited stars Bill Paxton in his first lead role, supported by a cast of non-professional actors from Carmarthenshire, South Wales. In a dystopian future, American draft dodger Billy Hampton (Paxton) is brainwashed and programmed by militant feminists to assassinate the Welsh minister or prostitution. Lurching unwittingly toward his goal, Billy makes a series of furtive connections with societal outliers like himself, including a feral child, a gentle prostitute, a sadomasochistic delinquent, a lovelorn androgyne, a hippie dope dealer, and a mute nymphomaniac, while fending oof predators who would sell him into sex slavery. Eventually, he is forced to focus on his mission and face the dreadful dilemma tormenting his subconscious mind: to Kill or not to Kill?
"For fans of Burroughsian cinema (a tiny but fascinating category) and Bill Paxton, who was only 19-years old here but already displaying innate charisma and the ability to wrap himself within a role, this is an extremely notable release… a bold, brave, and complicated work.”  -  Heather Drain, Diabolique Magazine
Proceeding the feature will be Martini Ranch’s “Reach,” (9 mins.) Written and directed by James Cameron, produced by Bill Paxton and Tom Huckabee, based on their feature screenplay: Lonesome Cowgirls: Amazons of the Wild West,  starring Paxton, Kathryn Bigelow, Lance Henricksen, Jenette Goldstein, Bud Cort, Judge Reinhold, Adrian Pasdar, Paul Reiser and more.  Originally released in 1987, remastered by Lightstorm Ent. In 2017. Synopsis: Kathryn Bigelow (director of The Hurt Locker) leads a posse of bad ass women through a post-apocalyptic desert in pursuit of a trigger-happy, bank-robbing biker (Paxton).
Tom Huckabee is a multi-disciplined artist, producer, and educator. A frequent partner with the late Bill Paxton, their collaborations include Taking Tiger Mountain, Martini Ranch’s “Reach,” Traveller, Frailty, and the first annual Lone Star International Film Festival.  His semi-autobiographical, sophomore feature, Carried Away, won three first place film festival awards and is available for streaming on Amazon. He is the co-director of “Death of a Rock Star,” one of six short films in Jonathan Demme Presents Made in Texas, distributed by the University of Texas Press.  Tom’s upcoming projects include three feature documentaries, Picasso’s Christ, Legalize Crime, Intelligent Conversation by Ignorant People; a stage play, Dr. Zombi, PhD.; and two dramatic features, Hate Crimes and ReCharge! a science-fiction, art car musical set in Houston 100 years in the future. 

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