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This Festival was made possible from a City Initiative Grant from the City of Houston, through the Houston Arts Alliance.

Saturday Feb 17
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

(78 muntes)

Join us for 8 amazing short narrative films, directed by talented female directors.

For Muriel, directed by Rebecca Shapiro (14 minutes)
After their regular aerobics class, three ladies of a certain age plot the best way to rob a bank.

Mystes, directed by Anna Bechmann (8 minutes, 28 seconds)
The sometimes ambiguous territory of non consensual sex.

FIFO, directed by Sacha Ferbus (12 minutes, 47 seconds) 
First in first out (FIFO) is a shelving technique used in supermarkets. Stephan must place the freshest products behind the oldest ones. Products nearing their sell-by date must be destroyed. When going to the bins in the basement, Stephan will have to face those who could still benefit from them, but who are excluded by the system. He will also have to confront who he was before getting a job.
Liberation, Directed by Veronica Andersson (3 minutes)
In her film, LIBERATION, Veronica Andersson, shares the heartbreaking tale of trauma and the desperate love of a mother.
Makeup, directed by Hannah Whisenant (9 minutes, 38 seconds)
When a young girl visits her mother, whom she gets to see very rarely, she is facinated by watching her get dressed and put on makeup.  She uses this interest as an attempt to get closer to her mother but soon discovers why this is an impossible feat.
You Can Go, directed by Christine Turner (9 minutes, 34 seconds)
This powerful film highlights why we are having our film festival because it Illustrates the undeniable message that women's leadership is vital for our culture.
Hold On, directed by Christine Turner (9 minutes) 
Family bonds are tested when a young man is left to take care of his grandmother one morning.

So Much Yellow, directed by Erica Milsom (10 minutes)
A young girl revisits a family road trip that changed their lives forever. 

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