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NAPA VALLEY DREAMS -- is a new documentary film produced by award-winning producer and writer, Rodney Vance, and noted cinematographers Christopher Rusin and John Tagamolila. Napa Valley Dreams uses stunning imagery, a score utilizing international instruments and cutting edge sound technology to envelop us in the specific sights and sounds of this valley and its people and awaken our sense of wonder.

“No matter how many times you’ve visited here,” Vance says, “Or how much of this valley you’ve explored, you will be enchanted.” From soil to soul, Napa Valley Dreams looks at the people, the places and the heart of Napa Valley. “Napa Valley is a soulful place,” he explains. “It’s more than just home to world-class wine and cuisine and we wanted to capture the experience of that, the enchantment of that, what it’s like to live here and experience the valley season by season.”

The film includes many notable residents and scenes of environmentally sensitive parts of the valley that have never before been professionally filmed.

Running time for documentary: 41 minutes