Join us for an evening of
music and film celebrating Houston's punk band MYDOLLS!  Including talk-back back with Mydolls and the students from 14 Pews Film Academy
(also includes drinks, a raffle and a silent auction)
"Beer generously sponsored by Saint Arnold Brewing Company!"
This event was made in part by a grant received from
the Houston Arts Alliance and the Texas Commission on the Arts

Join us for an evening of music and film celebrating Houston's legendary female fronted punk band MYDOLLS! Mydolls’ musical history and their impact on the Houston art scene are the subjects of an upcoming documentary by 14 Pews Film Academy. The event will include a lively discussion, performance, sneak peek of the doc and silent auction. 
About 14 Pew Film Academy: 
14 Pews Film Academy, which began in 2012, focuses on engaging the youth of Houston in positive and creative activities that benefit the greater arts community. Students create films on local artists, in particular highlighting women, artists of color and under-represented practitioners. Since 2015, 14 Pews’ student films on local artists have premiered at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival to appreciative audiences. 

About Mydolls:
Mydolls was formed in 1978 by guitarist and vocalist Trish Herrera, bassist Dianna Ray, guitarist and vocalist Linda Younger and drummer George Reyes. Mydolls’ sound is as ethereal, fluid and poetic as it is politically charged and feminist. Throughout their nearly 40-year history, Mydolls has paved a path for women and minorities in the arts and they continue to perform today with their original lineup. 

During the 1980s, Mydolls were interviewed by John Peel on BBC Radio and performed in Wim Wenders’ award-winning film Paris, Texas. Mydolls and the Houston punk scene were the focus of a 2016 music-based lecture series, 20HERTZ, at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and the band also performed at Lawndale Art Center for the 2017 SPEAKEASY experimental music and art program series. 

Their latest EP, It’s Too Hot for Revolution (2017), blends classic punk protest anthems with poetry, including Charles Bukowski’s “Fair Stand the Fields of France.” Mydolls' first single, Nova Grows Up/Therapist, was released in 1980. Their 45, Exorcist/Imposter, and 12″, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick, were released on Houston independent label CIA Records (founded by Really Red). A World of Her Own, Mydolls' complete anthology CD, was released by Grand Theft Audio in 2007.