join us for a magical evening with world famous Banachek
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Banachek introduces mystery after mystery to the audience demonstrating effects that defy reason. We ask you to join our investigation. The impossible is performed with the assistance of skeptics and true believers randomly selected. Reaching into their minds and their pasts, in ways that are inexplicable. Banachek charms and amazes nightly. How often in the theatre do you really experience wonders?

Banachek is respected as the greatest Mentalist/Mindreader in the world.  It is very hard to find a single mentalist or magician living today that is not using one of Banachek’s effects or applying one of his subtleties.  He has put more magic on Television than any other magician in history.  He is the first magician to successfully perform the buried alive escape which broadcast live on syndicated television. Banachek has performed on over 225 TV shows and over 300 Radio programs. He has been recognized and awarded as the number one college entertainer multiple times, as well as an award winning corporate and trade show performer. He has received the Lederman Creativity Award, Dunninger Award, Dan Blackwood Award, SAM Milbourne Christopher Award, IMS Mentalist Award and awarded the converted Entertainers award in the college market two years in a row beating out magicians, bands, comedians and all other types of entertainment.