Program A: Office Stories
curated by Cinema Bomar

About Cinema Bomar
Cinema Bomar curates screenings of 16mm industrial, educational and ephemeral films from their own personal collection. Their mission is to give people the experience of seeing these films, most of which were never intended to survive to the present, in their original format with all the damage that time has wrought.

Everything Looks So Normal 1983 : The boss is perplexed by his falling productivity. Well, no wonder! Half the employees are getting high, stealing stuff, and running over the straight ones with forklifts. Filmed in Oil-Boom Era Houston!

Office Practice: Your Attitude 1972 : You may not be the best employee in the office to begin with, but with a little spunk and hard work you could end up with a brand new calculator on your desk.

Successful Secretary 1964 : Featuring “Mr. Typewriter”, whose didactic adventures with wickerwork women are sure to improve your efficiency in in the office.

File it Under Falls, Miss King : An office safety film with a twist - and a great 70's soundtrack.