We appreciate your support and are extremely grateful we've accomplished so much with an all volunteer staff!

Some of 14 Pews' accomplishments are: In 2010, we were written-up in the New York Times and Texas Monthly as "the place to be" if you were in Houston for Thanksgiving for our first "It Gets Better" Film Festival. The festival focused on tolerance and anti-bullying solutions. The festival was inspired when sadly Houston's 13-year old Asher Brown killed himself because of bullying he endured at school. One of our greatest strengths is to immediately address the concerns of our community. The day after his death, the Executive Director was outraged and said, "Enough is enough!" and started to make calls to get community leaders, politicians, parents and students together to talk about bullying in the schools and how our community can work together to protect our students from such bullying. In 2013, The New York Times and Texas Monthly recognized our "Domes Sweet Dome" event celebrating the Astrodome. In 2014, we once again received National recognition for our Theremin Festival, which received funding from the HAA. Our Bechdel Film Festival, which also received HAA funding opened at the MFA to a sold-out audience and received local and National recognition. Our 14 Pews Film Academy has had the great fortune to screen our films at the Houston Cinemas Arts for numerous years. Today, our films, shot by high school students are winning awards across the country.  Most recently our documentary Jesse Lott: Art & Activism won 1st place at The Tulsa Film Festival.

This year we excelled at promoting female filmmakers, through our monthly screening programs, our film workshops and hosting The Bechdel Film Festival. 14 Pews is unique, especially in Texas because we value, support and promote women's voices. No other organization in Houston has made such a commitment in so many aspects of their cultural programing to promote female voices. By providing classes to female filmmakers, hosting a female film series and female film festival, 14 Pews stands above its peers with our commitment through education, community outreach and cultural programing to empower female voices.

Thank you for your support and if you want to sponsor an event or program please contact us at  info@14pews.com