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Stage Calendar 2015-2016 / 14 Pews Film Academy

Larry McKee & Brian Aichlayr show Gresia Perdomo and Cassy Puente the "Red Epic."

Jim Barham and Bruce Bryant talk about documentary interviewing techniques.

The students practice interviewing each other.

Michael Cohn teaches Gresia Perdomo, Cassy Puente and Gabby Espinosa several lighting set-ups.

14 Pews Film Academy began in 2012, when we offered a FREE 3-week summer documentary workshop to students at Reagan High School.  Both 14 Pews and Reagan High are located within a mile from each other in the Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The goal of our Film Academy was to keep the youth of Houston engaged in positive and creative activities that will be beneficial to both the students and to our community.   We look forward to teachin this summer in 2015.

June 1st - June 27th
9AM - 2PM Monday - Thursday (meet at Reagan High School Media Lab)
Guest Lectures on Fridays 9AM - 2PM (we meet at 14 Pews where students get the opportunity to meet award-winning documentarists)

It’s a 3-week workshop where Reagan High School students will be guided along the process of creating a 10-minute personal documentary. At the completion of the workshop, the short documentaries will be shown on June 27th at the 14 PEWS STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL, which will be held at 14 Pews and opened to the general public. 

Class size: 12 Students maximum
Requirements: students must know final-cut and be a Reagan High School student.

LIST of SPEAKERS who have visited the class in the past: 

BILL HOWZE: co-producer and editor of the insightful documentary, The Strange Demise of Jim Crow, which is a multi-level story of urban power and change: student demonstrators vs. segregationists; the white power structure's fear of integration vs. their greater fear of violence, embarrassing national publicity and financial losses; secret deal-making vs. freedom of the press.

ALFRED CERVANTES: Deputy Director of the Houston Film Commission and a native Houstonian, has worked in various capacities in film for the past 18 years. His duty with the film commission is to promote the greater Houston area to film producers, production executives and independent filmmakers, to scout locations and facilitate any production's local filming experience.

MICHAEL COHN: is a professional director and screenwriter with twenty years experience writing feature length screenplays in the entertainment industry. He has sold pitches and original scripts to the major studios, adapted novels and short stories, and written screenplays for such filmmakers as John McTiernan, Alfonso Arau, Bille August, Tim Burton, and Martin Scorsese.  

JIM BARHAMDirector-cameraman Jim Barham began his career in the mailroom of KPRC-TV in Houston after a severe case of stage fright ended his acting career. He spent the next four years under the tutelage of Bruce Bryant and Dee Brown hiding behind the camera and developing his filmmaking skills working variously as a sound mixer, camera assistant, gaffer, cinematographer and editor.

BRUCE BRYANT: Mr. Bryant has directed documentaries, television programs, segments, corporate videos, commercials, DVD's, simulcasts and specials featuring Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Vince Bell, Earl Campbell, Dana Cooper, Guy Clark, Shake Russell, Eric Taylor, Taj Mahal, Don McLean, Steven Fromholz, Arlo Guthrie, Jerry Jeff Walker and many-many more!

LARRY R. MCKEE: An extremely gifted Cinematographer and Producer he has worked on such films as “Occam’s Razor,” “For Whom He Tolls,” “Divorce Texas Style,” “Key of D” and several projects that are in the making including “Suicide Notes,” and “Patriot Act.”

KENNY COUCH: is a talented gaffer/grip with a passion for gadgets and fixing ancient cameras. Most recently has been working with Larry R. McKee on “Patriot Act.” Some of the other films he’s worked on are “Divorce Texas Style,” “Suicide Notes,” “The Good Samaritan,” “Persistence if Vision,” “Caveman Theory” and “The Great American Moon Rock Caper.”

BRIAN AICHLMAYR: is a knowledgeable Assistant Camera (AC) with an interest to direct. He has worked on several films as first assistant camera such as, “Divorce Texas Style,” “Because I Love You,” “The Guardian” and as the electrician on “The Great American Moon Rock Caper.”

CRAIG & MITCHELL LOPER: Craig and Mitchell Loper, owners of Kahunas & Kahuna Films are both cinematographers, filmmakers, producers and system consultants. Craig and Mitchell have the combined experience of 54 years in the industry. Both are experienced on feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos.  This father son team has multiple awards to their credit, including festivals, AMA Crystal Award, and several Tellys.

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